Welcome to OtakuAndRandom!

And I didn’t even realize the acronym was OAR.

Ohhh my god. It’s been so long since that f8ful day when a friend of mine suggested I make a website. Two inches. It’s been about two inches. See, when I started, I was 5’7″ (Masaomi Kida’s height!). Now I can ruffle Izaya’s hair at 5’9″ (he’s 5’8″). I’m Karma’s height! Karma’s karma will be having a girl taller than him. Just a few more months and I’ll have to find another anime height reference, which is a task that is like a video game: the higher you go, the harder it is.

Across this site, you will find pictures and references to Houseki Yottou. She does not appreciate being treated girly (hold a door open for her and she’ll stop till you let it go). She is the sort of the updated Yasuno.

She has short black hair and medium blue eyes. She is 13 years old, with three children, which is not as freaky as it sounds.

On this site, I will write fanfic, reviews, and random stuff. The main topic will be Durarara!! ’cause that’s my favorite, but there will also be stuff on Bleach, K-On!, Yotsuba&!, Maximum Ride, Future Diary, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Assassination Classroom, and the list is ever-increasing.