Happy Valentine’s Day; The Princess Bride seems relevant here.

To the near-perfect couple, Buttercup and Westley!


Onion articles for Durarara characters

Minor spoilers for Durarara!! Ten! I really had to hold myself back on this one, because lots of the titles featured words I'm not willing to be responsible for putting on the Internet. Well, on┬ámy little slice of the Internet. I'm sure one day I'll be a college student with no morals and I'll write … Continue reading Onion articles for Durarara characters

If Shizuo was real (he’d be a real wreck)

Poor guy. He has enough issues being fictional. If you have ever thought about Shizuo being real, you've probably come to the conclusion that reality wouldn't suit him so well. Here are the specific reasons why. (Most of them stem from his strength.) 1: Strength Super-strength is arguably the worst problem Shizuo would have if … Continue reading If Shizuo was real (he’d be a real wreck)