Recipe: Vegan Heart Attack

I made this recipe up yesterday. I was hungry (I was hungry like every five minutes yesterday, it's still stumped me as to why) and wanted some hot dogs. Vegan hot dogs, of course, since I've been vegan over a year now. I was cooking the hot dogs the way I like them, the way … Continue reading Recipe: Vegan Heart Attack

If Shizuo was real (he’d be a real wreck)

Poor guy. He has enough issues being fictional. If you have ever thought about Shizuo being real, you've probably come to the conclusion that reality wouldn't suit him so well. Here are the specific reasons why. (Most of them stem from his strength.) 1: Strength Super-strength is arguably the worst problem Shizuo would have if … Continue reading If Shizuo was real (he’d be a real wreck)